May 18, 2014: 2NE1’s 5th Anniversary ♥

5 Years With 2NE1

2NE1 holds a successful concert in the Philippines, celebrating 5th anniversary of their debut

  1. +1,374, -22:  It’s now 5 years for 2NE1ㅋㅋ it seemed like it was only yesterday when they were singing Fire
  2. +1,119, -23: Philippines for 5th year?ㅠㅠ Please be in Korea for 6th yearㅠ
  3. +964, -41: Ah, so Philippines is Sandara Park’s hometown
  4. +883, -70: I like hearing that I look like CL. Chaerinnie, fighting!
  5. +811, -32: A cool group
  6. +172, -12: There’s no group like them.. they snatch the 1st place with 18 of their songs and you can’t compare their skills with others. Personally, I think that 2NE1 evolves as time goes by and these other girl groups who try to copy their concept cannot follow their class. Sandara Park has the best face out of all the idols, Park Bom gets hate about her face but even models approve of her body and Yoon Mirae acknowledges CL’s awesome rapping skills, and Minzy was just born with her dancing skills; all in all, I think this group as the most genuine skills..
  7. +168, -14: 2NE1’s songs has never disappointed me, not even once
  8. +159, -14: 2NE1’s “GOTTA BE YOU” MV will be released this May 21!!!!!!8
  9. +152, -12: I think everytime 2NE1 releases an album, they really think about what to show to the public. For this album, the more you listen to CL’s self-composed songs, the more you feel that 2NE1’s music is maturing and because of that, I really like them and wish that a group like 2NE1 will stay for a long time.
  10. +116, -7: Wish for more success in the futureㅎㅎ Nolja nolja
  11. +112, -9: Really, I like 2NE1. You can’t compare them to other girl groups because there’s nothing to compare. Each of their personalities are nice. I wish they went on more talk shows
  12. +108, -9: Wow, the outfit
  13. +97, -7: I’m excited for “GOTTA BE YOU” MV!! The teaser pic was nice. There’s a saying that when idol groups reach their 5th year, that’s when there’s most tension and quarreling but you came this far and I hope that it continues to be like this. Thank you for always giving us good music and for playing on stage with excitement. I’m cheering for youㅋ
  14. +94, -9: 2NE1 is cool. Other girl groups just keep undressing and there’s nothing to see!
  15. +90, -9: Congrats congrats~~ 2NE1 nolja~!!!
  16. +81, -4: 2NE1, Congratulations on your 5th anniversary!!!!!^^
  17. +87, -16: Congratulations on your 5th anniversary!! Please give us more good songs in the futureㅋㅋ
  18. +73, -3: Let’s go until your 10th anniversary!!!!
  19. +78, -8: Thank you for giving us good quality music since 2009^^ Congrats on your 5th anniversary and let’s nolja until 10th anniversary!!
  20. +63, -2: The cheers from Filipino fans was good and they played well, and it made the members feel goodㅋㅋㅋ As a fan, I’m satisfied that they spent their 5th anniversary well!! Let’s continue to nolja with 2NE1 in the future~!!!!!
  21. +58, -4: When I talk about 2NE1 with Filipinos who live in Korea, they really seem to like Sandara Park and they keep complimenting her a lotㅋㅋ If you think about it, Sandara Park’s personality is sincere and kind so she received such love from a foreign country and didn’t become a top star for nothing. Also, there’s some people in our country that tends to neglect people from SE Asia but there’s really no difference between us and them
  22. +56, -5: CL is really f***ing cool. How can a girl have such force and aura
  23. +51, -4: All of 2NE members are down-to-earth and I hope they last a long time, congrats on 5th anniversary
  24. +49, -2: Ah, they’re only been (2NE1) for 5 years?.. I thought they’ve been a group for 8 yearsㅋㅋ
  25. +50, -4: My favorite girl group isn’t pretentious so I like them (more)
  26. +49, -4: 5th anniversary?? But when they’re on stage, it’s like they’ve been singers for 10 years!
  27. +46, -2: They’re really the best.. their songs are good…
  28. +50, -6: Their outfit is colorful(?)..
  29. +43, -0: Already 5th anniversary? Congrats congrats! Please give us more good songs in the future~
  30. +45, -2: Globally, 2NE1’s popularity is amazing..
  31. +47, -4: Wah… CL’s force is no joke. Even as a guy, she’s so cool.!
  32. +43, -1: I sincerely love 2NE1ㅠㅠㅠ
  33. +47, -5: CL can sing well, rap well, has a nice body, nice personality, earns money…, I’m jealous…
  34. +44, -2: As expected~ so famous
  35. +46, -4: 2NE1. Aren’t they the best girl group???
  36. +45, -3: Other girl groups are pretty and have good songs when they debut but with 2NE1, you feel them evolve and make you excited~ especially their songs MV are so good~ I hope that their self-composing skills slowly improve and that they show us their colors~ fighting!
  37. +46, -4: Which among 2NE1’s songs are the best? Lollipop, Fire, Good To You, I Don’t Care, Clap Your Hands, Do You Love Me, Missing You, Ugly, MTBD, Falling In Love, If I Were You, Come Back Home, Can’t Nobody, Scream, I Am The Best, Go Away, It Hurts, Happy, I Love You, Gotta Be You, Crush, Lonely, Hate you,//
  38. +45, -3: Already 5th anniversary for 2NE1, continue to do well in the future
  39. +47, -6: I like CL. I want to date a cool girl like her.
  40. +45, -6: Really jjangㅋㅋㅋ There’s no other girl group in our country that’s as cool and charismatic and performs as lively as themㅋㅋ What are you going to do with surgery and being uglyㅋㅋㅋ Your singers can’t do nothing that’s better than theirsㅋㅋㅋ
  41. +40, -2: With only 2 full albums and already having so many hit songs, 2NE1 is a group that our country treasures. With young leader CL and Park Bom, Dara, Minzy, I love them all. I wish for them to last a long time with CL’s leadership
  42. +39, -1: Let’s do well until 10th anniversaryㅋ
  43. +37, -0: Their CRUSH album did so well so it’s sad that their promotion in Korea was short. There’s more countries for their world tour, hoping that they have an encore concert after they finish. Congrats on 5th anniversary
  44. +40, -3: I heard their concert in the Philippines was sold out. The concert outside the country are more expensive and selling out all the tickets in that big Asian mall, that means 2NE1’s popularity in the Philippines is amazing.
  45. +37, -1: Sandara Park is really popular in the Philippines. I think Filipinos have a lot of affection. Dara-ya, you’ve always done a great job. Since the beginning, I cheered for you and will continue to do so
  46. +38, -2: I remember watching Human Theater and it was about Sandara Park, she’s really amazing.. During the peak of her popularity, she left to come back to Korea.. Anyway, I’m happy to see that Sandara made a glorious return back home..
  47. +36, -0: I really like CL. I see her on stage through TV but when I go to their concert, I finally understand why people are always talking about 2NE1 and CL. Talks about their concert are true. After wrapping up their foreign concerts, please do an encore at Seoul. My family is waiting.

Source: Naver
Translated by The BlackJack Table



  1. I’m in love with this post.

    These are the Knetz I wanna hear from, not the brainwashed masses. Thanku for the trans, it was a pleasure to read:)

  2. keep them coming thank you so much for translations 🙂 i am glad people love 2NE1 in korea and find CL cool and talented , i see many positive comments about her ❤

  3. Love these knetz comments here….I feel like crying…And i’m proud that 2ne1 spent their 5th year here ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

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