May 21, 2014: Ash Stymest’s surprise appearance in 2NE1’s “GOTTA BE YOU”

tumblr_n5wf6pk8kz1qh1qplo7_r1_500 (CL and Ash)

Ash Stymest, British model.

Ash Stymest agreed to appear in the MV because of close friend, 2NE1’s leader CL’s, request. CL is friends with many famous people from the fashion world, which enabled her to maintain a friendship with 91-liner, same-age, Ash Stymest.

  1. [+1,196, -32] CL’s personal connection is amazing. She’s close with Jeremy Scott, so naturally, she’s close with these models.. I was surprised when I first saw Ash Stymest; he’s so cool
  2. [+1,087, -9] He’s born in ’91 but already has two kids^^;;;;;
  3. [+935, -16] I was smitten by his looks but surprised that he has kids, even more surprised that he has two kids, unexpectedly great connections
  4. [+552, -12] When I first watched it, I thought I’d see Park Bom’s mist; (what?)
  5. [+480, -9] Heol, so handsome~he looks… good
  6. [+115, -5] YG’s collab featuring with famous foreigns are all connected through personal connectionsㅎㅎEven through that, they save money.ㅎㅎIt also helps increase their profit. They never completely advance in China or USA but they slowly pass it through the internet and with that, they don’t waste any resources.
  7. [+95, -6] When it’s CL’s birthday party or wedding, she’ll invite all her friends and it’ll be all worth seeing. An amazing sight
  8. [+89, -3] He’s a married, 91-liner with a height of 188cm, it’s hard to see him in runways now but seeing him in 2NE1’s MV..
  9. [+86, -1] As expected, western is for 2NE1
  10. [+81, -4] Listening to 2NE1’s COME BACK HOME, it’s still a great great song. 2NE1’s music style is the best in the world. I love you, 2NE1~♥
  11. [+83, -7] SM fans, f*ck off. If you’re jealous, say you’re jealousㅋ voetsak*
  12. [+78, -5] That’s daebak…. he’s really famous
  13. [+71, -1] (Talks about other models who’s friends with Ash) Ah, filming an MV with a model like him… I’m jealous.. ha.
  14. [+71, -3] Sandara Park;;;;; So pretty;;;;;
  15. [-63, -2] Heol. It’s Ash……
  16. [+61, -3] Wah.. YG kids’ connects… o_o CL and GD… wah.. amazing.. I’m proud!
  17. [+66, -8] SM fans.. don’t hang around here, go somewhere
  18. [+64, -10] Park Bom is really a goddess in the MV.. you look pretty even with light make-up!!
  19. [+61, -7] It was proven that since last March, not SNSD but 2NE1 is the top girl group.
  20. [+54, -2] Park Bom came out so prettily in the MVㅋㅋㅋmaybe because of the light make-up
  21. [+55, -5] As expected, the best~~~~
  22. [+52, -4] CL… her connections are really amazing. The way they place is different. Same with GD )b
  23. [+52, -6] Park Bom looks so pretty
  24. [+45, -0] An MV after promotions ended.. what…
  25. [+47, -3] Park Bom’s make-up in the MV is light so she looks muuuch prettier 030
  26. [+44, -1] These days, Minzy-noona is so pretty
  27. [+44, -1] Oh my god~! Ash and CL know each other?? I like Ash and 2NE1! You’re telling me they’re in an MV together!!!~~ I’m gonna go watch the MV right now!!!
  28. [+43, -2] Even beside a foreigner, CL doesn’t look inferior;;;;
  29. [+42, -1] YG makes really good songs plus they make good MVs, amazing
  30. [+43, -3] Noonas, I love you. ♥

*voetsak: Click here to know the meaningㅋㅋ

Source: Naver
Translated by The BlackJack Table



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